Artup Festival

Facilitates dialogue on social issues through art and has provided work for artists enabling them to gain support from the public and continue their career as artists.



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The Happiness Foundation

The Happiness Foundation aims to provide opportunities for underprivileged youngsters with leadership training programs and social enterprise projects.

Market of Implementation

  • Indonesia


There are 45,000 new visual artists every year. There are only 250 new jobs allotted for them and their monthly income is only US$600. 26.6% of them don’t have any income. According to Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism, this year Korean artists earn about 1/4 of the average family income. In addition, Art major students and career-interrupted women also faces tough chance of pursuing their dreams even though they had paid considerable input costs. They have limited market and cannot sell their products.


ArtupFestival3We have been implementing various art programs with artists: art education programs held in organizations including Seoul Museum of Art from 2007, and ARTUP FESTIVAL, an environmental art festival started in 2012. Also, weenu provides a whole new art experience through online. Spread the joy of art and listen to the story of the artist on our platform and big channels as like Hyundai Art channel and Korean no.1 portal-Naver where people can keep track of their daily art experience. Through weenu’s art program, over 1200 upcoming artists and 2,500,000 people have met and share the joy of art. At the same time weenu has provided work for artists, enabling them to gain support from the public and continue their career as artist. ArtupFestival1The platform which connects people with art regardless of time and place : this is the mission which has enabled 1200 young artists and 2.5M people to meet through various art projects since 2007. Now, we try to spread this mission and method in the world. First of all, weenu launched ARTUP FESTIVAL 2015 in Indonesia with Indonesian environment NGO, Greeneration.  ARTUP FESTIVAL is a live art festival where 100 artists create up-cycled artworks in 30 hours using waste resources. We create new value by adding artistic imagination to ordinary recycling, and share the moment with the public. And we look forward to partners in Asia for making the most creative environment solution with international artists.

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