Project Asbah is a dynamic self-replicating endeavor with the aim of providing affordable clean drinking water to urban slums and rural households of India by establishing community filtration plants.


Project Asbah

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160 million Indians do not have access to clean drinking water. With 70% of India’s water being contaminated, it is currently ranked 120 among 122 countries in the water quality index. The water supplied by pipelines is also often irregular and not fit for consumption due to pipe leakages and operational errors. Presently, consumers are coping with this problem by purchasing cans of water from private water suppliers priced at an average of $0.4 for 20 litres. Moreover, when the water provided by the private suppliers is not affordable or unavailable, the slum dwellers are left with no alternative but to depend on contaminated water for drinking and cooking purposes. Unavailability and inaccessibility of potable water, highly-priced filtration mechanisms and a lack of awareness lead to a vicious cycle of diseases and deprivation.


Project Asbah aims to strike the problem at its roots through a comprehensive model which adopts a necessary strategy as per the need of the area. It provides clean drinking water at affordable prices to urban slums and rural households of India by setting up community filtration plants. After conducting need assessment surveys, we get the water tested from laboratories, and deploy suitable technologies. We engage 2 previously unemployed women to operate our plants, thus creating entrepreneurs. For strengthening our connection with the community, various community mobilization activities are undertaken. Street plays, puppetry shows and IEC activities are carried out to ensure holistic development of the community. By providing affordable drinking water, we bring about a decrease in overall health expenditure, resulting in increased savings and improved quality of life.

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