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Backstreet Academy: P2P Platform for Impact Travel

Backstreet Academy is a peer-to-peer impact travel platform for developing countries with the mission of alleviating poverty through micro-entrepreneurship in the tourism industry. It works closely with disadvantaged communities.


Backstreet Academy

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Social causes


SDGs covered

Endorsed by

Singapore International Foundation

Singapore International Foundation brings world communities together to do good to build greater cultural understanding amongst diverse communities.

Market of Implementation

  • Indonesia
  • Laos
  • Nepal
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam


There are numerous artisans and craftsmen that dot the backstreets of a city. They work quietly in the underbelly of a city, creating amazing works of art that are often unappreciated and merely passed off as mass produced souvenirs for tourists. In addition to artisans and craftsmen, we’ve discovered that the backstreets also hold innumerable home-based workers who have amazing cooking skills, some with recipes that have not changed for countless generations. Often times, they are housewives who’ve mastered the art of cooking but don’t have an avenue to monetize it.


Backstreet Academy is a marketplace which empowers anyone to create a unique travel experience. Locals who are amazing at what they do create one-of-a-kind tours or activities that you’ll not get anywhere else. We also believe in connecting with locals when you travel, as that is the best way to take in the culture of a city and human connections are what’s most memorable when you travel.

We take pride in what is offered through Backstreet Academy and we curate each and every one of our experiences to ensure that it is safe, well-run and will leave you with a memory that lingers. We train our hosts and test it ourselves to ensure every experience is seamless, unique and helps you create a personal connection with the people and place.

Backstreet Academy is also a social enterprise dedicated to impact. We work with many NGOs and disadvantaged communities to help them create a tour experience at Backstreet Academy, helping them to access the tourism market monopolized by tour agents, building better livelihoods and dignity through providing them with education, training, income and respect. We do this through our special program where these individuals are classified as BA Hosts (Backstreet Academy Host). Through this program we allocate facilitators who will act as the translators for a BA Host booking, as most BA hosts cannot converse in English and we do not want language barriers limiting their ability to access the tourism market.

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