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BagoSphere assists rural youth in The Philippines to become more employable by designing competency-based programs connecting students directly with employers. BagoSphere wants to expand the program to other cities.



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Market of Implementation

  • Philippines


In the Philippines, 23.9% of population is jobless (10.9m in March 2018) while 40% of employers globally say a skills shortage is driving entry-level vacancies. The main reason why many are jobless is the skill gap, especially soft skills. In the future world of work, “the burden of transition will fall most heavily on elementary workers and skilled agricultural workers… the ASEAN workforce’s most significant challenge is to upgrade its softer, foundational and interactive skillset.” (Cisco, 2018)

Yet, human skills are critical but cannot be developed by traditional learning. The nature of business today demands human skills such as empathy, communication, leadership skills at all levels of the organization. However, way over 90% of CEOs say that human skills are more difficult to develop than digital skills. Moreover, today’s needs in learning & development have exploded in terms of scale, complexity, and overheads with an ever-increasing millennial workforce, leading to immense friction.


At BagoSphere, we help people develop human skills that unlock their full potential. Because it’s the human skills like adaptability, teamwork and critical thinking that will future-proof your people. Technical skills will always evolve, but it is human skills that will keep your organization thrive in today’s complex and fast-changing economy.

We run Talent Pipeline as a Solution (TPaaS). TPaaS is BagoSphere’s end-to-end approach to help companies energize their talent pipeline and address the skills gap in youth un/underemployment.

We work with companies to deploy the following:  
  1. Pre-employment training: To prepare top of recruitment funnel with job applicants who are job-ready. Suitable for: Fresh high school grads, college graduates. Key Outcomes: To students, 2-3x increase income, To employers: Improved hiring rates and more cost-effective cost per hire.
  2. New-hire Training: To quickly prepare new-hires to be productive and team-ready. Suitable for: Entry level new hires. Key Outcomes: Improved hiring rates, regulatization & retention rates.
  3. Upskilling Training: To reskill or upskill employees with deeper skills in leadership. Suitable for: Entry to mid-level, current employees. Key Outcomes: Improved retention rates, better performing teams

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