Bakery Programme for Marginalized Youths in China

Provides free bakery training for marginalized Chinese youths, enabling them to find qualified jobs as baker chefs after graudation.


Shanghai Young Bakers

Shanghai Young Bakers

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Many vulnerable groups (such as people with physical or mental disabilities, or those who are marginalised because of poverty, homelessness or abuse) have very few opportunities to achieve financial autonomy and thus live independent and fulfilling lives, let alone contribute to society. They often do not have access to training or work that would allow them to find viable employment and become productive citizens. The NGOs or social programs who strive to help them often have limited training or employability programs to offer. On the other hand, there are huge job opportunities in the bakery market. International hotels, western and Asian bakery chains, cafes, restaurants all over China are desperately looking for qualified bakers and pastry chefs to join their team. As breads and cakes are increasingly appreciated by Chinese consumers, there is strong potential to generate revenue from this type of products.


Bakery training and sales can help NGOs, including those who target minor nationalities, further empower their beneficiaries with employable skills. Shanghai Young Bakers (SYB) has supported ethnic minorities by training staff from BWB and Amkham that serve disadvantaged Tibetan youth in China, in addition to on-going contact with Gender Development Solutions, ETTI, and Couleurs de Chine for setting up a bakery training program for Hui, Miao, Yao, and Dong minor-nationality groups. This “Train the Trainer” scale-up project can take two forms: NGOs can send one of their staff to be trained, together with SYB regular students, for one year; or SYB can organise short-term, customised, and on-site training. SYB can train NGOs’ staff to become bakery teachers, provide technical expertise in designing a baking centre, purchasing equipment, and developing recipes, and share experience in building a sustainable business model and managing a training programme for vulnerable population.

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