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Bali WISE: Empowering Women & Girls through Hospitality Training

BaliWISE is empowering poor, marginalised, and at-risk girls and young women through increasing their access to skilled employment. From our programmes, about 120 students graduate annually, with 90% finding fair-wage jobs.


R.O.L.E. Foundation: Bali WISE

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  • Indonesia


As a result of decades as a tourist destination, Bali has developed its own distinctive international reputation. Tourism has generated great economic growth. However, many of its residents are not beneficiaries of this rapid development.

It is often poor and less educated girls and young women that fall through the cracks in Bali’s tourism-driven economy. There are a number of drivers, including:
  • Poor families prioritise education for male children, particularly as they reach middle school, because of perceived lower returns for female education
  • Without education, women's access to employment is limited, and they enter the unpaid labour pool
  • Rural young women see no alternative to raising a family in their home village
  • Women are also constrained by culturally defined traditional beliefs and gender roles


The lack of education and vocational training are barriers to sustainable livelihoods and employment for girls and women from poor communities in Bali and Indonesia at large. BaliWISE addresses these barriers by providing basic education and vocational training and facilitates access and linkages to employers for graduates. Students are selected in cooperation with traditional authorities, local education departments, and the local government. Students attend training for a 6 month semester that consists of two three-month terms.

The first term focuses on basic life skills, including English language, and on job-readiness. The second term is spent in on-job training at BaliWISE education partner hotels, restaurants or other tourism related businesses. The curriculum has been designed in collaboration with hotel training partners and sector specialists and is reviewed annually and modified based on feedback from hotels, employers, graduates, and students.

Through our work, we are proud to have 120 students graduate annually, with 90% finding fair-wage jobs.

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