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Be Inclusive Asia-Pacific Pilot

A business training and certification ecosystem for improving business bottomline by diversifying customer-bases and workplaces.


Be Inclusive

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Companies are unable to put inclusivity into action due to:

  1.  prevailing stereotype that result in slurs, harassment and other forms of discrimination being an everyday norm experienced by many minorities in hospitality, healthcare and other sectors;
  2. business owners in Asia lack knowledge about how to put inclusive practices into sales, marketing and recruitment; and,
  3. fragmentation in the inclusion sector in Asia-Pacific where outcomes are unevenly distributed.


Be Inclusive is a business training and certification ecosystem that does three things: It makes it easier for people to find inclusive places; it encourages more money to be spent at inclusive businesses; and it encourages more talent attracted to inclusive employers.

Our program enables certified business reach over 100,000 prospective customers and jobseekers through our network of community partners. We make money from training fees and certification subscriptions.

When you think holistically about inclusion - across disability, age, race, gender, gender identity and sexual orientation - you see over $220M USD of consumer spending power each year that’s largely untapped in Singapore alone. This number is predicted to increase as people become more affluent. By partnering with Be Inclusive, our client are better equiped to tape this potential.

We have four main revenue streams: 45% is from business certification subscriptions. 40% from inclusivity search optimisation, 10% from consultancy and 5% from training.

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