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REBORN: Bio-Tank for Purifying Plastic Waste

REBORN aims to make our customers, plastic recycling companies, increase their revenue by enhancing the purity of recycled plastic, adding REBORN’s bioreactor to their existing process line.



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D3Jubilee Partners

D3 Jubilee Partners, Seoul and San Francisco-based, was established by a number of angel impact investors in July 2011, for global impact investing.

Market of Implementation

  • South Korea


Various types of plastic are used in one product, often attached together, and sometimes making it difficult to disassemble. The current process of sorting and separating plastics only ensures 98% purity, and the 2% of impurity decreases the price of recycled plastic by 53% compared to the price of virgin plastic.

This difference in price makes creates massive gaps in recycling plants. Sole production line of recycling plants processes 30 tons a day, 10,950 tons per year, and if they can have 27% more value when selling recycled plastic, they can obtain additional 3.43M dollars annually.


REBORN has created a bio-tank that utilises bacteria to separate different types of plastic into its constituents. This produces a more purified form of plastic that is worth more when selling recycled products, especially since many plastic-intensive companies such as Apple and Samsung are increasing the rate of using recycled plastics in their products.

Thus, REBORN promotes the reduction of generating new plastic raw materials, utilising plastic waste to be recycled as products, with greater purity and value.

For more information on our product and strategy, do refer to our slide deck.

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CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

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