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Breast Cancer Network Vietnam

BCNV intends to build a “Wig Library” by promoting hair donations, constructing wigs, and working together with The Social Work Department of Oncology Hospital to disseminate information and support cancer patients.


Breast Cancer Network Vietnam (BCNV)

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Market of Implementation

  • Vietnam


2-wig-for-cancer-patientPatients of breast cancer and cancer in general experience hair loss when undergoing chemotherapy, but there is no effort to help them become comfortable with their new look, readjust to their mental state, and regain confidence post-treatment. Many patients lose a sense of self and identity, and the ability to interact with those around them. In most cases, a wig would greatly help cancer patients boost self-esteem but not all the patients are able to afford one, and BCNV is unable to reach out to the entire community to address these issues.


4-event-exhibitionThe Project calls for hair donations from community to make wigs and give them to patients in need, helping these patients to gain the confidence necessary and a positive attitude to fighting cancer.

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