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Connecting Education to Employment

Empowers youths in India to make informed decisions about their career, enabling them to transform their passion into gainful employment.


Bright Future

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EdelGive Foundation

EdelGive Foundation of India aims to leverage the resources and skills to empower social entrepreneurs and organizations create impact in the social sector.

Market of Implementation

  • India


According to a study conducted by New Resolution India in 2009 on aimless education in the society, following issues were observed:
  1. 90% Children are first generation learners
  2. 87% Youth have no educational or career guidance
  3. 85% Youth had no clue about what they were going to do in career and life


Bright Future believes that the lack of conducive environment and positive role models has led to the problem of aimless education. As a response to the problem, Bright Future works with children and youth through various programs across Mumbai and Thane. Bright Future runs the following programs:
  1. Drama for Development (D4D) : A one year program run in the community which uses drama as a platform to develop skills essential for career and life among adolescents (13-18 yrs.)
  2. Youth Development Training Center (YTDC) : An accessible center in community where 3 months livelihood program is run for youth, known as aspirants (18-25 yrs.), training them in English, Computers and Life Skills.
  3. School Program : Focuses on creating conducive environment in schools by building capacities of students (grades - 8th to 10th) and key stakeholders like parents and teachers for enabling students to take informed decisions.

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