Brighter Future for 3500 Orphans

Catalysts for Social Action (CSA) works through our institutional care channels, with the tireless efforts of our team and your support, to ensure family-like care for our children. We ensure access to healthy living conditions, good education, personal development resources along with an identified path to independent living with dignity for the young adults in our Aftercare program.


Catalysts for Social Action (CSA)

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  • India


India is home to approximately 30 million children in need of care and protection, with about 370,000 children are in Childcare Institutions (CCIs). Once children turn 18, they have to leave the CCI. There are an estimated 150,000 children who turn 18 and have to leave the CCI every year. They have no support system, no family to go back to. Girls are married off by the time they turn 18 or end up into exploitative professions, and boys mostly get into very low paying jobs, as they have no guidance and skills. These children living in Child Care Institutions (CCIs) have a right to living in a safe, protected and hygienic environment akin to children residing with their families. The Juvenile Justice Act does prescribe setting up of Aftercare support, however in reality there is very little help available to these children/young adults. This is a big and universal gap in the orphanage ecosystem. Catalysts for Social Action partners with these existing CCIs to improve and enhance the quality of care for children through our programs which improve the overall development of a child. It is a step towards providing a family or family-like environment for these children in need of care and protection. Through our Preparatory and Aftercare support program, we work towards equipping these young adults with skill-based training to empower them to lead independent lives.


We partner with CCIs and works to improve and enhance the quality of care to children. The primary intervention originates from our belief that a happy and healthy childhood is the right of every child. Our areas of work include provision of basic necessities in hygiene & sanitation, safe living spaces for children, improving developmental aspects around education, aftercare initiatives for youths above age 18, and vocational training & mentoring support to build the capacity of CCI management & staff for sustained outcomes Our Programs cover these following themes: 1) Health & Nutrition – Health & WaSH, Supplementary Nutrition, Infrastructure and Day-to-day Essentials 2) Education & Development – Education, Life Skills, Sports & Recreation, Digital Engagement 3) Livelihood & Aftercare – Preparatory Program, Aftercare Support, Higher Education & Skills Training, Vocational Training 4) Capacity Building & Advocacy – Adoption, CCI Capacity Building, Stakeholder Workshops & Trainings

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