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Buddy HomeCare programme

Buddy Homecare Programme provides quality home based care for older persons and simultaneously seeks to train more young people to become care assistants – generating incomes for the youth and care for the elderly.


Foundation for Older Persons’ Development (FOPDEV)

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Social causes


SDGs covered

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Prudence Foundation

Market of Implementation

  • Thailand


FOPDEV works with older people’s groups at the community level to address problems and needs.  Such problems and needs include: income generating activities to improve income security, volunteers to provide basic health care and information to older people and their carers and watch groups to monitor local policy implementation and older people’s access to rights and entitlement.


buddyhomecare1Buddy HomeCare is an initiative of FOPDEV , a social business aims to solve three social problems among three groups of populations at the same time.

Buddy HomeCare is a sustainable programme with high potential for expansion.

The Buddy HomeCare work steps include:

• Assessment – to assess the needs of both disadvantaged older people and disadvantaged youths;

• Recruitment and training - to recruit and trained young people to become qualified care assistants

• Job placement – to provide jobs to those who were trained;

• Social contribution – collaborate with FOPDEV and network to provide skilled care for disadvantaged older people, and homecare volunteers monthly health checkup for disadvantage elderly.

• Pay it forward – the youth will pay back the cost of their training at a rate of USD 35 every month for the period of 3 years. This money will be used for the training cost of new care givers or enhance the skills of existing ones, thereby creating a sustainable revolving fund

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