Building a Bio-Discovery Center

The Building a Bio-Discovery Centre project seeks to build a Life Sciences Discovery Centre exposing 20,000 children every year to high quality, hands-on learning in Biology, crucially increasing their Environmental awareness.


Agastya International Foundation

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  • India


Much of the growth in the coming century will be defined by humanity’s reaction to the mounting environmental needs of our world, particularly those in large developing countries like India. The study of Life Sciences will play a crucial role in improving awareness and inciting innovative responses from India’s youth. It is of paramount importance that children understand the fundamentals of this critical discipline in the context of the 21st century.


Agastaya International, an Indian NGO, is looking to complement their existing hub of innovative instruction facilities by creating a “Bio Discovery Center”. Project funds will create one of the Bio Discovery Center’s new structures, built to aesthetically mirror the biological sphere under study. It will house innovative, thought-provoking, interactive and hands-on learning experiences for children in the field of life sciences (the center’s exhibits will be funded separately). The Center aims to be an immersive, engaging and fun experience for children, and it will provide beneficiaries with an excellent foundation in Biology. Integrating with the Astronomy Center, Chemistry Lab, IT Center, and other facilities at the Agastya center, the new Discovery Center will provide children a comprehensive and advanced introduction into the Life Sciences. agastya3Agastya’s Bio Discovery Center will focus on the inclusion of low income communities into high-quality education; Agastya’s services to economically disadvantaged beneficiaries are offered free of charge.  Since its inception, Agastya has strived to spark curiosity and creativity amongst economically disadvantaged children, and this Center will be a valuable addition to a campus which is visited by 850 public school students every day. The additional space created by this project will inspire and motivate children towards the study of Biology, open their minds to the many lucrative careers that Biology offers, and one day, generate a creative and innovative work force for the pharma, healthcare, and biotechnology industries.  The Bio-Discovery Center’s exhibits, which will be funded from other sources, are projected to include: 1) Sensorium:  Five larger-than-life interactive exhibits to depict the sensory organs.  The exhibits will help children understand how we perceive the world, and why each sense is important. 2) Mechanics of Movement: Interactive exhibits that help children understand how bones, joints and muscles all work together to bring about every movement in the body. Supplementary activities help children explore several movements that our body can make, how the skeletal sysytem helps us, and how muscles work. 3) Evolution- The theme of Evolution will be showcased through a life sized board game and an Evolutionary Garden to help children visualize the evolution of plants. 4) Let’s Investigate-  A high-tech biology laboratory that helps children become young investigators and scientists. The curriculum is designed in such a way that every experiment is very relevant to the daily lives of the target audience- rural children.

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