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Bullyid: Supporting Victims and survivors of Cyber Bullying and Violence in Indonesia

The Bullyid App has digitally benefitted over 48,750+ Indonesians by providing psychological and legal support to victims and survivors of harassment and cyber violence.


Bullyid Indonesia

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In Indonesia, a 2020 survey carried out by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of Indonesia found that 77% of Indonesian professors believe that sexual violence regularly occurs on campus.

Yet, an alarming 63% of them did not report the cases they were not familiar with how to report such incidents. Since COVID-19 lockdowns were implemented, there has been a stark rise in online gender-based violence cases by 300%, where the majority of victims were left clueless and suffered in silence as the legal instruments in Indonesia could retaliate against victims and wrongfully label them as offenders.

As a result, victims will end up suffering from severe mental health issues and some to the point of suicide ideation. At Bullyid, we are committed to combatting the issue, and aiding survivors in the best way possible.


At Bullyid, we understand this fight cannot be fought alone. As such, we partner with relevant government and tech companies to help victims to report/take down the content, and provide legal & psychological support through our Bullyid App. The App is built using safety and gender-sensitive design principles, which allows victims to stay anonymous during counselling.

SHARE is an anonymous reporting platform for victims of sexual harassment/misconduct behaviour (e.g. students/staff/lecture) and allows for bystanders/witnesses to report cases. SHARE’s incident case management is an online platform that allows Universities to add relevant individuals and departments to analyse, respond, investigate and manage every report to ensure transparency and accountability.

While the investigation is ongoing, victims are provided with peer counsellors from Bullyid Indonesia, to support victims with psychological support and legal assistance.

For more information on our work, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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