Capacity-building and Livelihood Project for Smallholder Farmers

Provides additional income supplementation activities to off-set rainy season / 9-month crop cycle and diversify income streams, lowering crop-dependency incomes for smallholder farmers in Hinthada, Ayerrwaddy region, Myanmar.


Tun Yat

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  • Myanmar


1. Proximity Designs, our strategic partner, from their own field trials, already identified how farmers who have multiple income streams are more financially stable, than crop-dependent farmers. 2. TY already identified in Hinthada, 3-months of no-income from farmers, and 1-2 months of income gaps due to seasonality, crop price fluctuations, import/quota restrictions, diesel fuel hikes and climate-related delays in planting/sowing time, showing a need to offset and diversify farmer income from just one type of income. 3. Farmers can start to diversify their incomes by venturing into-related areas for casual employment or additional work to support household incomes


1. Set-up a financed training Centre for Hinthada area that will train farmers and their families on how to get additional income from other jobs such as electrician, mechanic, tractor driving, sewing, souvenir/handicraft making and beauty services. 2. Build in a set of courses and curriculum for all activities, with timing, duration and course outcomes. Courses and apprenticeship would run for a 6-month period. 3. Create employment for young women – who are fresh college grads from Hinthada University – of farming families, providing graduate jobs as sales and agricultural extension teams, and providing accounting and book-keeping and data analysis employment, including learning how to do data/field-mapping, surveying and data analysis. 4. Hire a set of trainers on-site at the training centre, for the farmers to access the programs. Trainers would also assist in curriculum development and recruitment of youth. 5. Provide some type of apprenticeship and marketing support.

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