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Care and Medical Equipment for Elderly Individuals in Thailand

The forOldy project aims to provide community care and access to second-hand medical equipment for elderly individuals in Thailand to increase their quality of life.


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In 2020, the Foundation of Thai Gerontology Research and Development Institute (TGRI) published that 18% of Thailand's 66.5 million people, 12 million people, are elderly. And, this number is increasing rapidly, so much so that by 2022, the number of elderly will exceed 20% of the total population, which causes Thailand to become a "Complete-aged society".


For low-income elderly community members, access to constant care and purchasing medical equipment can become difficult and a financial hardship. Thus, the forOldy project aims to reduce this burden for the elderly and their family members by creating a membership network that lets the elderly live more comfortably.


The forOldy project aims to address the issue of the increasing elderly population by creating a network in Thailand to improve the quality of life of these elderly individuals. Through this project, we help the elderly in five different ways:
  • Collaboration with the elderly in urban communities - To support the potential of the elderly people living in these communities, we arrange different networking, recreation, and knowledge sharing activities.
  • Homecare volunteers - Volunteers provide health knowledge and care to community members.
  • The Aunjai Funeral Fund - Each member of the network contributes THB20 per month to help fund the future funerals of members, as well as to provide financial assistance to that member's family.
  • Generating Income - The project supports crafting activities, by material sourcing, public relations, and the preparation of marketplace listings for such crafts, to allow for elderly individuals and volunteers to generate additional income.
  • Khuntakunyai Shop - forOldy rents, sells, and donates repaired second-hand medical equipment to assist with the care and mobility of the elderly and network Members.
For more information on our work, do refer to our Slide Deck and Project Website.

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