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ALLiN Tech: Cognitive Development for Children in Rural China

Rolls-out Jnrlink Learning Solutions to 600 pre-schools, training 1,400 teachers, impacting 30,000 rural children under CDRF’s “Village Early Education Center” (VECC) Project at Bijie City Guizhou, China.


ALLiN Technologies Pte Ltd

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UOB Venture Management Private Limited

UOB Venture Management Private Limited is one of Asia’s leading international banking and financial groups.

Market of Implementation

  • China


The goals of "Village Early Education Center (VECC) or 山村幼儿园"  project are to provide accessible, low cost and quality early education by building infrastructure and organising teachers for the pre-schools in rural and mountainous villages. While the "hardware" is ready, the next phase is to address the "software" aspects - with the goal to close the cognitive development gaps between the urban and rural children- the foundation of poverty alleviation.

Two Key "software" problems which this project targets to address are follows:
  1. Lack of trained teachers - as most teachers are young volunteers without formal training in early-childhood education.
  2. Lack of quality teaching programs- with limited teaching material available, the schools lack an easy-to-use teaching system with the right pedagogy (especially addressing cognitive development)
The combination of the above 2 problems creates further issues of scalability, sustainabilty and provision of quality education in these pre-schools.


Jnrlink Learning Solutions (patented) addresses these problems by providing a low-cost, scalable and sustainable solution. Our solution comprises 4 key pillars:

  1. Mass Training for Teachers - Train & equip local teachers quickly to programs effectively through an intensive 2-3 day training program (repeated 6 monthly) plus system of leveraging "better qualified" teachers as Master Trainers to monitor and mentor weaker teachers
  2. Scalable Self-Sustaining Program - Curriculum-embedded in easy-to-use technology (only TV required, no internet access needed) through a simple Jnrlink Android box
  3. Science-based Easy Scripted Teaching - Pedagogy developed to target cognitive and language development with Teacher's Manual outlining detailed easy-to-use scripted lesson plans reducing teacher’s workload and lesson planning
  4. Sustainable Quality Outcomes - APP-based assessment system that requires teachers to provide regular feedback to ensure consistent learning outcomes
  For more information on this project, please refer to our slide deck.

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