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Comfort Me Global Franchise Project

Comfort Me is looking for global partners to serve as franchisees to the Comfort Me brand. By becoming a franchisee, global partners can help provide affordable lingerie to breast cancer survivors.


Comfort Me Health Wear Company Limited

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HKCSS Impact Giving

HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre aims to advance social entrepreneurship and mobilize social innovation.

Market of Implementation

  • Hong Kong SAR China


Many breast cancer survivors, following a mastectomy, often find it difficult to source a post-treatment/rehabilitation bra or prosthesis that is both affordable and comfortable. As such many of them resort to home-made solutions that are frequently ill-fitting and unsuitable. Being forced to use these ill-fitting bras and prosthesis can cause breast cancer survivors to suffer a lack of self-confidence which in turn leads them to withdraw themselves from society as they feel that they fear being discriminated against.

The usage of ill-fitting bras and prosthesis could also result in health problems for breast cancer survivors. The long-term use of ill-fitting bras and prosthesis could result in spinal problems.


Comfort Me is a Hong Kong-based provider of comfortable lingerie for breast cancer survivors. It sells post-treatment/rehabilitation bras to breast cancer survivors at a third of the price of competitors, allowing them to obtain much needed lingerie at affordable prices. In order to ensure access of post-treatment/rehabilitation bras to breast cancer survivors of all backgrounds, Comfort Me conducts regular visits to cancer caring centres in Hong Kong and donate rehabilitation bras to breast cancer survivors with financial difficulties.

In order to prevent and raise awareness of breast cancer, Comfort Me also hosts educational seminars in schools teaching teenage girls breast health knowledge and the importance of choosing lingerie that is comfortable and suitable for their health.

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