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FXB Myanmar: Community Development Program

FXB Myanmar is lifting 1250 people out of poverty (economic, food, health, vocational skills, housing) and improving the knowledge of 18,000 people on key and pressing health and social issues in Môn State.


Association François-Xavier Bagnoud – FXB International

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King Baudouin Foundation

King Baudouin Foundation of Belgium is described as an independent structure that encourages original ideas and sets up new projects.

Market of Implementation

  • Myanmar


Certain townships in the Mon State, Cambodia, are characterized by an economy largely dependent on agriculture, fishing and wood, with between 50-65% of the workforce engaged in one or the other sector. Farmers earn low incomes from their activities and are generally poor. This pushes young people to leave for Thailand or Yangon region.

Township housing types are often unhealthy and vulnerable to natural disasters such as floods, but also to fires as they are highly flammable. Access to sanitation and water is very low and there are only few health centers in rural parts of the targeted townships. Illiteracy rates are significant, especially in rural areas and among women.

Ethnic stereotypes, gender inequality and women’s exposure to violence, harassment, and abuse are not only critical risks but also a major obstacle to national development and peacebuilding. Poverty, hunger, disease, illiteracy and stigma form a vicious cycle that is difficult to break.

At François-Xavier Bagnoud (FXB) Myanmar, we are planning to change that.


Fragmented intervention is not an adequate solution to eradicate the multiple causes of poverty.

FXB Myanmar's holistic approach allows us to provide, in three years, a comprehensive response to fundamental causes of poverty by simultaneously acting on its 5 predominant factors, which are:
  1. Nutrition,
  2. Health,
  3. Education and awareness,
  4. Housing and WASH
  5. economic empowerment - through business management, financial literacy and micro-financing for enterprises
FXB provides ongoing coaching and mentoring throughout the three years of the program to ensure that participants develop the confidence and ability to take action and acquire the economic and social skills necessary to successfully emerge from extreme poverty. Since the early 2000s, the FXBVillage Poverty Reduction Model has been regularly evaluated. A real impact on the economic, health and social status of children and adults has been demonstrated. For more information, please refer to our slide deck.

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