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Improves the standard of education in India by enhancing the personal and professional development of educators through leadership programmes.


Creatnet Education

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Central Square Foundation

Central Square Foundation’s aims to achieve transformational standards of excellence for the Indian school education system.

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Creatnet Education is an educational organization and a collaborative network of leaders that aims at augmenting learning and facilitating growth for educators. Personal and Professional development of Principals, Teachers, and other custodians of education is at the core of Creatnet’s operational philosophy. With its on-going programs across schools and through research and design of innovative programs, the organization enables Principals, Teachers and Parents to manifest their full potential as facilitators of education. Creatnet’s mission is to enable education to be vibrant and conducive force. To put succinctly, Creatnet Education follows a methodology of interaction and self-actualization that strengthen the plinth on which to base the infrastructure of education.


Currently Creatnet Education runs two leadership programs for educationists. The Principal Development Program has been there since 2012 — when it was initiated with a group of only 10 Principals — and has received support and appreciation. The leadership program for Learning Managers is relatively new, and was developed to create deeper capabilities within each school. Principal Development Program This program of developing leadership among Principals, who would in turn develop further leadership,  started in South West Zone, Delhi, with only 10 principals attending in 2012. It has grown manifold each year since then. And in agreement with our philosophy of leadership development, six of the 10 principals who originally participated in the program are now facilitators of learning with Creatnet Education and SCERT. This program is currently running with 88 Delhi government schools and will be implemented on the 54 pilot schools program. Learning Managers’ Program Only continuous teacher development can enable the translation of the larger purpose of education to the practices of teaching in the classroom. However, given the Principal’s administrative role in a school, developing assistance from with the school is necessary. This program was formed to develop capabilities within the school to support the Principal in teacher development. The Learning Manager, chosen by the Principal, is best placed to do this role because as an existing teacher within the school, the LM is already familiar with the context, the advantages and challenges that the school and teachers face and has a strong understanding of the learning of the children.

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