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Crowde wants to assist Indonesian farmers escape the cycle of indebtedness by preventing low-income farmers from becoming the subjects of loan sharks and creating a platform connecting farmers and reliable investors.



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In Indonesia, although 41% are farmers, they are also 2.1 times more likely to be underpaid than any other jobs. The main problem lies in the lack of capital for planting and agricultural purposes. These banks overextend thinking that they are unbreakable. However, they eventually run out of options and end up with loan sharks. This affects the farmers, that while they wait for their harvest to be sold, they have to borrow from loan sharks to keep afloat. Finally, at the end of the harvest time, all the margin just goes to the loan shark.


5Crowde wanted to solve all of this and be a platform that connect farmers with solid track record with retail investor in the big Cities, we wanted to be one of Financial option with farmers, and also Agriculture it is a very potential market especially in Indonesia, With Crowde we will make the whole process as transparent as possible and revolutionize the Whole agriculture investment going in Indonesia that always relate to scam and fraud. So Crowde help Farmers raise working capital while Investors making impact Investment

For the Investors:
Diversify the risk
You can invest in more than one crop that have 30% expected return for each crop.
No minimum amount
With us, everybody can make impact investment without any minimum limit amount.
Connect with trusted farmers
We make no boundaries between investors & farmers, and make all process as transparent as possible.

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