CTC’s Center for Marine Conservation

The Coral Triangle Center will be a learning centre and Regional Hub. It will be an innovative platform catalysing and leveraging positive impact to safeguard marine resources for generations.


Coral Triangle Center (CTC)

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  • Indonesia
  • , Malaysia
  • , Papua New Guinea
  • , Philippines
  • , Solomon Islands
  • , Timor-Leste


During Ms. Rili Djohani’s early dives back in Indonesia, freshly enthralled by the otherworldly beauty of life under water, she was abruptly reminded how fragile this world is. Fishing with dynamite and explosives had left parts of the reefs gutted, vivid colors faded to dull greys, life all but a memory. If unchecked, Rili knew, this tragedy would spread and cause immeasurable harm to the region and ultimately the whole planet. Ironically, local fishermen and their communities would be the first victims of reef death: no more food, no livelihood, no protection from at times furious seas.


ctc2To build the CTC Regional Hub Learning Center, an innovative platform to catalyze and leverage our impact to safeguard marine resources for generations in a sustainable way. The Hub will be the focal point for CTC’s delivery of training and learning experiences, enabling us to reach out to 1.5 million people within five years of its establishment. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art learning facilities, a digital library, a certified dive pool to facilitate hands-on immersion. Through the Hub, we envision delivering training events to 2,500 participants annually. In addition, the Hub will showcase interactive exhibitions of the people and nature of the Coral Triangle to inspire visitors’ sense of connectivity and compel them into action. The Hub will scale up CTC’s outreach efforts by targeting important groups besides marine professionals and practitioners. We project 100,000 visitors annually from various groups: school children, students and youth, tourists, businesses, families and communities. They will learn and experience the importance of the Coral Triangle not only for themselves but to millions of people. Visitors will appreciate the complex relationship and connectivity between the Coral Triangle and the rest of the world. They will understand that what is occurring in the Coral Triangle will have an impact on sea life and people all around the globe. It is also projected to generate about $1 million USD/year, bringing them close to financial self-sustainability.

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