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Culture and Arts Library for Indigenous and Traditional Knowledge

The Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts is seeking to construct and furnish a Culture and Arts Library in Agusan del Sur, Philippines for the preservation and study of indigenous cultural knowledge.


Tao Foundation for Culture and Arts

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where-the-library-will-standIn the Philippines, there is a push to make its citizens modern, technologically-savvy and globally-competitive by focusing education on the English language, modern technology and science, and the world's dominant religions. While these areas of knowledge are of vital importance, there are oral, indigenous, and other local knowledges that are largely ignored by formal curriculums. There are several libraries in Agusan del Sur, but they are connected to institutions of formal learning that do not devote their resources towards the study of local, indigenous knowledge.  This exclusion of indigenous knowledge devalues the potential contributions of Agusan del Sur's cultural elders who are marginalized by the modern, global system, and also alienates the youth of Agusan del Sur from their own history, ecology, and cultural traditions.


The project will create a Culture and Arts Library to house the cultural resources that cannot be found in the other libraries of Agusan del Sur.  The library will complement the existing School of Living Traditions and its focus on the practical transmission of indigenous and other local skills from cultural masters and practitioners to Agusan del Sur's youths, and visitors who wish to learn more about Agusan del Sur's history and culture.

The Culture and Arts Library will become a hub for the oral, indigenous, and other local knowledges that are closely interwoven with indigenous people's worldviews and values.  In order to make the materials accessible to oralist populations, the library will host film screenings and listening sessions, as well as book discussions. The creation of this library will increase the number of resources avaliable to a community that is in danger of losing touch with its cultural identity and create a place of connection between cultural masters and the local youth. This will allow the continued transmission of skills and knowledge, as well as cultivate an appreciation for their indigenous heritage and identity.

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