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Empowering Women, Investing in Change

Dao creates ethical corporate gifts through a social program that empowers marginalized women with work readiness skills and positive life changes that reduce violence against women and girls.


Dao Ethical Gifts

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Migrant women and children living in slums and construction site camps are among the most critical needs populations in Thailand (ILO, High Rise, Low Pay, 2016), as they live in poverty conditions and are vulnerable to abuse, violence, and dependence on a male provider due to discriminatory wages.


Dao is the women’s empowerment and fundraising initiative of Baan Dek Foundation (BDF), which has provided critical social support to vulnerable families in Thailand since 2002. Dao leverages this vast expertise by providing life-changing skills and support to women experiencing social isolation and abuse-related trauma by training them in both work and life skills. This social impact is rigorously measured, and Dao also meets the market needs for companies seeking to fulfill their CSR missions by producing ethical, locally sourced corporate gifts in SE Asia. Since March 2018, Dao Ethical Gifts has trained 89 women in handicraft skills and produced ethical corporate gifts for more than 18 corporate companies, developing a robust program that has been measured and proven impactful.

Many of the marginalized women who receive training in work readiness skills are from ethnic minorities in Thailand and Myanmar.

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