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Data Yoo: AI and Data Algorithms for Smart and sustainable Agriculture in Taiwan

Data Yoo’s proprietary AI Crop Algorithm, crop physiology and data prediction services is spearheading tech-enabled agriculture in Taiwan, particularly for small farm households, empowering their livelihoods.


Data Yoo Application Co., Ltd.

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B Current Impact Investment

B Current Impact Investment is the first impact fund in Taiwan, launched in 2014 through a club funding approach – by invitation only with an equal amount per investor per capital call. It aims to invest in early-stage impact-driven businesses that focus on sustainability, healthcare, education, and regional revitalization, aligning with the SDGs. It serves as a bridge between social entrepreneurs and HNWI/ESG investors and a platform to fill the impact investing ecosystem gap by connecting financial, human, intellectual, and social capital.

In 2021, B Current managed 4 impact funds by nearly 90 investors and invested in over 15 start-ups, and co-hosted 2 accelerator programs for impact-driven businesses and nonprofits, respectively. Every dollar invested by B Current was matched by three more dollars from other co-investors at the same run in average.

Market of Implementation

  • Guatemala
  • Japan
  • Pan Asia
  • Saint Kitts and Nevis


In Taiwan, 97% of the farm households own an average of 0.1 to 0.6 hectares of land, while 3% are agriculture enterprises owning an average of 10 to 150 hectares of farmland. As these smaller household farms tend to be more segmented, it has made the adoption of machinery and new technology much harder.

The economies of scale are incomparable between small households and agricultural enterprises. Furthermore, there are other barriers that prevent people from farming as a career at all, such as the high start up cost and unexpected climate risk. These factors all contribute to a worrying possibility of food insecurity in Taiwan.

Data Yoo recognises the importance of this issue, and we are committed and driven to address this technological gap and ensure food security for generations to come.


Our team at Data Yoo have started working with a group of small farm households, utilising our proprietary Artificial Intelligence and Data Prediction Services on their farmlands. Through the growth period, we are working to identify key growth parameters, raise average quality of crops, and increase income stability.

Together with our core technology and data prediction service, we also provide advisory on Greenhouse Gas (GHG) management, assisting our current clients to be more precise and sustainable in their farm operations. For example, we worked to determine the appropriate levels of fertiliser and pesticide use, to minimise the detrimental impacts on the environment, and make their farming practices more sustainable. Additionally, we also work closely with our clients and partners to reach their parallel goal of managing the environment, soil, and crop physiology through the use of data science.

Carbon emission reduction is relatively new concept and countries of the world are still figuring out the appropriate approach. Data Yoo is focused on this over-arching trend, and we work with other stakeholders in the ecosystem, such as policymakers, such as the Taiwan Competent Authority, and other key agricultural enterprises to create a whole-of-ecosystem approach to address this issue.

Our work has been recognised, and we have received grants from DBS Foundation Social Impact in 2021. For more information on our work, do refer to our Slide Deck.

Type of Carbon Reduced/Sequestered

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), Methane, Nitrous Oxide

Amount of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Avoided/Sequestered

3.6 tons per year

Means of Measurement

Traditional agriculture distribution channel in Taiwan is done via multi-layer dealers (which earn the greatest profit), and is influenced by an ever-changing supply and demand landscape due to unstable climate. Data Yoo provides harvest and yield prediction services that can help quality control and manage supply period. In this case, we can deliver from farm to customers directly to reduce the food waste during transit. For example, we can reduce an estimated 35,976kg of pomelo waste per year, which is equivalent to 3.6 tons of CO2.

Project’s Environment & Climate Capability

Climate Risk Reduction, Climate Scenarios and Impact Research, Coordination on Climate Change Measures and Activities Across Relevant Actors

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