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Solve Education: Mobile Game App for Education and Employment

Solve Education! is providing underserved youth with an accessible and engaging mobile platform to improve their learning outcomes and employment prospects.


Solve Education!

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Globally, 262 million children and youth are out of school. Out-of-school rates are high among this age group as they seek employment to support their families (UNICEF, 2018). Over half of the children and youth worldwide are not achieving minimum proficiency standards in reading and mathematics (The Sustainable Development Goals Report 2018). This situation poses negative consequences for youth’s employment prospects.

The rise of the global talent market and the increased adoption of automation and artificial intelligence (AI) systems are reshaping the future workforce and sparking fears of widespread unemployment in Solve Education’s target areas. Without learning opportunities to meet minimum proficiency standards and acquire digital fluency and life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, and communication skills, many of today’s out-of-school youth will find it hard to be part of the workforce of the future and achieve their personal and professional goals.


Solve Education! designed a free cross-platform (Android/iOS/Windows) game app called Dawn of Civilization (DOC) to help improve learning outcomes and employment opportunities for out-of-school youth. By integrating game mechanics, artificial intelligence, and social media to an evidence-based curriculum, we have created a mobile game app that allows youth to build skills while playing. Unlike most education technology products available in the market, DOC was designed specifically for low-end smartphones and intermittent internet connectivity to make it available to everyone regardless of their socio-economic background.

Those who reach the highest level in the game become eligible to join Solve Employment!. The online internship and employment platform allow users to practice the skills they learned from the game in a real-world setting while earning money. They work on micro-tasks such as data entry, translation, telemarketing, and customer service for Solve Education! partner companies and organizations.

For more information on our work, do refer to our slide deck.

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