Dementia Assessment Application

GenConnects and partners are developing an application for dementia assessment, aiming to help healthcare institutions save hundreds of hours on dementia assessments & providing accessibility for undiagnosed seniors at home.



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To assess cognitive skills, occupational therapists (OT) generally use screening tools which requires an OT to administer and record skills that seniors are still able to use. The screening tool is generally done in paper and pen and recorded manually. Digital versions of these tools also still require an OT to administer. OTs would have to keep track of improvement or decline and manually track individual progress. Group analytics would require even more time and resources. In addition to that, current assessment methods provide a snapshot of seniors’ dementia stage but not an in-depth analysis of each personalised cognitive profile which can facilitate efficient person centered care.


The solution we are building seeks to automate the assessment process in the form of gameplay, freeing up much needed time for OTs to focus on pressing tasks. It also seeks to provide in-depth cognitive profiles of individual seniors as well as group performance and in the future, with AI, we seek to understand how different interventions help seniors of different population, age, gender and dementia stages in order to provide appropriate real-time recommendations. We hope to be able to offer our solutions with much more value and an affordable cost, to not only encourage healthcare institutions to switch to our assessment method, once we are able to establish it as a gold standard, as well as to reach out to more than 60% of seniors at home who are undiagnosed. We are currently establishing a partnership with NTU and Ang Mo Kio Thye Hwa Kwan Hospital to co-develop this application.

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