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Dequarr Crafting Community

Dequarr Crafting Community is a social enterprise that supports ethical groups and local craft communities in Thailand by developing eco-friendly craft production and design to fit the market and distributing their products both online and offline.


De Quarr

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  • Thailand


The fast-fashion and its chain causes the planet pollutants and wastes which create significant impact to the environment. The rise in customers’ awareness of sustainable and eco-friendly product consumption becomes a great opportunity for us to complete our mission of lifting up local artists’ and communities’ livelihood through their local handicrafts ‘products. The less accessibility for customers to find local handicrafts products in remote areas, the less opportunities for them to sell their products, so De Quarr helps them to fill the gap.


Our team works closely with local artisan and craftsmen in the community around Thailand to improve designs towards product-market fit based on their unique local culture and wisdom while transferring the concept of sustainability and eco-friendly production to them. De Quarr provides online platforms and offline shops to distribute those products worldwide. Our products and services can help the local community to earn more as well as induce poverty and increase equality in the society.

De Quarr generates economic and social impact to more than 100 communities. Economically, we continuously create alternative jobs for ethnics, elderly and disadvantaged people to fairly gain and increase their income approximately 200% by adding product values and maximizing unitality of craftsmen’s skills and resources from their areas to produce sustainable handicraft products. Socially, we educate and support young ethnic generation to inherit the cultural and natural assets to choose the careers in this field; therefore, reduction of number of rural-to-urban immigration. We encourage them to transfer knowledge and build networks in and among ethnic groups to increase production capacity and continuously and sustainably serve demand of domestic and international markets.

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