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Development of Eco Friendly Ozone Sterilization by the Microplasma-Based Technology

Ozone sterilization with the microplasma technology can be used for all industries that require eco-friendly disinfecting method especially food storage, drinking water disinfection and space disinfection.


CAST., CO, Ltd.

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MYSC (Merry Year Social Company)

MYSC is a leading social innovation consultancy & impact investor working mainly in Korea through impact network and partnership.

Market of Implementation

  • Cambodia


In Cambodia, due to the hot and humid climate, it is easy to be exposed to bacteria or pests after harvesting, causing problems in the harvesting, drying, and storage process and about 1.8 million tons (appx. 700 million dollars) of rice are discarded due to difficulties in storage (loss rate 10~37%).

Some excessive use of pesticides and abuse of pesticides cause farmers' safety and rice quality problems (over 95% farmers use pesticides).

Rice harvested due to lack of storage facilities and technology is being disposed of as soon as possible at a low price (low-cost smuggling to Vietnam and Thailand).

About 76% of the population uses highly polluted water such as lower wells, rain and river as their drinking water sources, and about 6 million of the local population drink such water.


The ozone sterilization is very powerful and effective due to the fundamental of disinfecting process (using Oxygen for disinfecting resource) so USA, Europe, Korea and Japan are using this technology for sterilizing pipe water or other disinfecting applications. It can be the best solution for developing countries but the cost is very high.

So CAST solves this problem through the micro-plasma technology, reduce the cost and to develop it to cover various sterilizing applications.

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