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Digital Inclusion for Young Aspirants in India

Anudip works to train women and place them into suitable jobs. Anudip proposes to digitally skill 10,000 marginalized women in the FY 2023-2025, and provide employability to at least 70% of them.


Anudip Foundation for Social Welfare

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Sattva Media and Consulting Pvt Ltd

Sattva’s aims to co-create inclusive businesses that are sustainable, scalable and that can address the needs of people in under-served and emerging markets.

Market of Implementation

  • India


In India, only 18.6% of working–age women participate in the labour force, which is three times lower than men. There is a large gap in women and girls’ digital adoption and use compared to men and boys, thereby leading to a large and wide spread digital divide, which in turn negatively contributes to the societal mental framework of equitable opportunities.

In the patrilineality of India’s society, women bear what is often an unfair burden of representing the family they are born into, or later married into. Social norms become a priority. Despite advances in the Indian economy, reduced birth rates, higher levels of female education, and other promising signals, India's Female Labour Force Participation (FLFP) declined from 32% in 2OO5 to 21% in 2O18, making Indian women some of the least employed in the world according to a report by International Labour Organization on 2020.

It is clear there is a pressing need to solve the problem of parity in women participation in the 21st century digital workforce, and Anudip Foundation has the solution for this.


At Anudip Foundation, we aim to solve the problem of parity in women participation in the 21st century digital workforce, which in turn break social norms, through the following ways:
  • The 'enguru Live English Learning App'
  • Computer Management Information System (CMIS): online quality management platform
  • Learning Management System (LMS): deliver multimedia courses

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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