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Provides digital literacy and soft skill trainings to increase Burmese youth employability and mobility while bridging the HR gap for employers


MYEO (Myanmar Youth Empowerment Opportunities)

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Majority of youths from Myanmar are very poor in Digital Literacy skills (using only Facebook as the internet) as well as professional soft skills as CV, interview, and communication. With the lack of support system in their communities, this undermines the employability of the youths. It is particularly worse in rural areas and ethnic regions which deters the country overall development. Myanmar also lacks behind with youths without employability skills as the rest of the developed world progress into the digital economy. The MNCs and SMEs in Myanmar are lacking digitally skilled professional workers for their growth, undermining the economic development. In the face of diversities in Myanmar, the local skilled workforce is needed in expanding consumer based than a one-size fit all approach. More efficient digital workers are needed as SMEs grow in a lean approach, MNCs grow with distributed teams across the country and the country opening up to the international economy.


The problem cannot be solved with a traditional training school as even Yangon areas lack an essential support network. A comprehensive online training program for the youths across Myanmar is the scalable solution from MYEO. Digital Literacy online training program is an online program which empowers youths who just use Facebook into digital remote workers in 4 weeks. Launched in Dec 2017, we have impacted over 60+ youths (university students, facilitators, managers, entrepreneurs) from Yangon to Shan State. Campus Chapter Director program is an online professional leadership training program that equips universities leaders with 4 weeks professional soft skills. The directors serves as a local network and hold soft skill training events in their respective communities. We have impacted 15 directors and over 150+ youths in Jan 2018. The digitally literate professional workforce can be a great human resource for MNCs and SMEs as employees pipeline and as valuable consumer base.

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