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Digital Youth Centre

To reach game-addicted and hard-to-reach Internet youths (age 13-35) by leveraging 8000 sq. ft. and online celebrities 2 million+ subscribers for digital youth centre.


Fantastic Dream Limited

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HKCSS Impact Giving

HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre aims to advance social entrepreneurship and mobilize social innovation.


Many social service organizations noticed the trend of the youths going online and the possibility of developing a new type of youth service, with many of them establishing different programs, services, and workshops targeting online youths, but it does not seem as successful as originally thought. Therefore, we link up with online celebrities and make use of their influence to target these youth.


To bring disconnected online youth back to the online world, Fantastic Institute will host periodic seminars and workshops on current Internet culture, conveying positive messages to attendees. The institute will focus on fostering personal growth, digital citizenship and community awareness. This alliance will assemble Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) from diff­erent topics, and through discovering their own positivity and sending their own positivity out to their audience, raising KOLs’ awareness on their social responsibilities. Youth participants may learn di­fferent aspects of video production by getting in touch with the celebrities’ alliance and workshops, including scriptwriting, audio recording, lighting, filming, acting, editing and design skills. This project aims to provide 210 internship openings to produce videos on a monthly basis, reaching more than 100,000 views in total. This project aims to provide free professional technical support as well as a lower price for equipment and venue rental.

We also provide training courses and coaching for underprivileged youth. After gaining skills and knowledge, we will place them in related internship and match job opportunities for them.

As we have developed a good relationship with cyber youth and youth organization especially for offender and re-offenders these years, we can also do the service matching between them.

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