Dignity Kitchen

Dignity Kitchen is Singapore’s first hawker training school that equips disabled and disadvantaged people with culinary skills to be employed in the food industry.



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Endorsed by

Hua Tat Trading Pte Ltd

Hua Tat Trading Pte Ltd is involved in shipping lines and maritime transport based in Singapore.

Market of Implementation

  • Singapore


Currently people with disabilities have problem securing gainful employment due to their disabilities. The elderly and the poor are placed in low value and mundane work.


Dignity Kitchen addresses the support for ageing population, job opportunities for disabled and employment for the poor and the disadvantaged member of society. Project Dignity is an inner city solution for disabled, poor and senior citizen. The solutions lies with creating a platform for 1. the training and skill upgrade of hawkers 2. the employment in the food and food related industry 2. the integration of disabled back to society 3. the inclusion of society for the disabled and disadvantaged This is achieved through our training and placement program in a fully equipped hawker centre. The training is recognised by the Singapore Workskill Qualification WSQ program.

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