DNetwork aspires to economically empower people with disabilities in Indonesia and assist them to procure employment by connecting potential employers and job seekers with disabilities on an online platform.



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Inspirasia Foundation

Inspiration Foundation is a private Indonesian based grant-making foundation dedicated to funding and supporting exceptional projects in health and education.

Market of Implementation

  • Indonesia


rudi-at-bali-sports-foundation Indonesia, the world’s fourth largest country by population, has more than 38 million people with disabilities that impair their daily lives. An estimated 44% of these people – more than 5 million of them – with disabilities perform their own living activities independently. Yet, 89% of them are jobless. There are many people with disabilities in Indonesia who are capable of participation and promotion within the workforce, and whose quality of life would improve as a result. This is not facilitated by the current system, therefore DNetwork aims to create a platform that collaborates with the maximum number of people and effectively reaches out to everyone who can benefit from participation.


The project aims at creating more inclusive workplaces in Indonesia, giving more independence and opportunities to peoplefaiz-foto-bri-tangerang with disabilities that will not only help the individual but also their family and society. Through an online jobs platform and offering professional services DNetwork is able to connect employers with people with disabilities, helping with a smooth recruitment. DNetwork aims to create a highly interactive platform that gives users the opportunity to help each other and to help themselves find jobs, and develop new career opportunities. It works closely with local organisations, support schemes and businesses to provide a centralised hub around which opportunities and information, specific courses and activities, that benefits disabled people can effectively be offered, shared and implemented.

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