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Refurbishes discarded shoes that would have ended up in landfills and donates them to children who walk to schools from long distances in India, improving attendance by 30%.



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DBS Foundation

DBS Bank Ltd is an Asia-centric commercial bank focused on harnessing the region’s long-term potential as the centre of economic gravity shifts eastwards.

Market of Implementation

  • India


As per the joint report by UNESCO and WHO, there are 1.2 billion people who walk every day without any kind of footwear whatsoever while more than 350 million pairs of shoes are discarded each year.


At Greensole, we give discarded shoes a second life by refurbishing them to comfortable footwear and providing them to the people in need; contributing to environmental good, by keeping non-biodegradable shoes out of landfills; social good, by giving basic necessity of footwear to the people in need and protecting them from diseases contracted through unprotected feet; and economic good, by giving employment to refurbish shoes. It’s a simple solution, we upcycle old shoes that would have ended up in landfill and stayed there for 1000 years and give it a new life as slippers for children in need. The footwear is recycled and helps children walk to schools from long distances, improving attendance in 30% of the cases.

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