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Greensole : Upcycling shoes and apparels in India

Greensole is a social venture in India, that upcycles old shoes and apparel into slippers, mats, bags and pouches, to donate to children in need.



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Social causes


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DBS Foundation

DBS Bank Ltd is an Asia-centric commercial bank focused on harnessing the region’s long-term potential as the centre of economic gravity shifts eastwards.

Market of Implementation

  • India


A joint report by UNESCO and WHO indicates that there are 1.2 billion people in India, who walk every day without any kind of footwear whatsoever. The issue of lack of footwear can be hurtful to the feet of children, and lead to fatal issues. Alternately, more than 350 million pairs of shoes are discarded each year. Greensole was born to address this issue of lack of footwear, and to create more using the discarded shoes.


To address the basic necessity of footwear for all children, we give discarded shoes a second life by refurbishing them, and giving them to children in need. This enables Greensole to create impact in the following ways:



  • Environmental Impact: By refurbishing old shoes and apparel into slippers, mats, bags and pouches, we have saved these materials from ending up in landfills. This refurbished shoes will be donated to children in need, to walk to schools from long distances, improving attendance in 30% of the cases.
  • Social Impact: By providing necessary footwear and other essentials to children in need, that protects them from diseases contracted through unprotected feet.
  • Economic Impact: By employing women from tribal communities in the upcycling process.
Impact created: Thus far we have donated more than 4,10,000 pairs of slippers and have also made a start in the donation of products upcycled from apparel. This has enabled us to saved up to 2,009 tons of Co2 emissions.

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