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Dreams Vocational Training Centre

To transform lives of disadvantaged youth in rural Siem Reap, Cambodia, through access to free education and hospitality vocational training that promotes employability and personal development.


Child’s Dream Foundation

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Khon Thai Foundation

The Khon Thai Foundation is a social purpose organization that emphasizes upon the development of platforms enabling stakeholdersto be active on social issues.


Cambodia's development as a nation is impeded by entrenched corruption, restricted educational opportunities, large income disparities and meagre job prospects. The majority of youth live in extreme poverty (earning less than USD 2 per day) being victims to exploitative occupations in sweat factories, bonded labour and human trafficking. Access to quality education in rural communities is greatly limited, and most young people are poverty-stricken that they cannot afford to continue studying past primary level. As a result, their status is below consideration for decent employment as they are deemed by employers as under-skilled in both technical and soft skills.


We see an effective transition into adulthood, employment as well as sustainable well-being through interdisciplinary education and hospitality vocational training for youth in the tourist-destination Siem Reap.
  • Free education of accredited qualifications is provided, encompassing soft skills development such as time management, financial literacy, leadership skills, self-value, compassion, etc.
  • Practical training on skills and services development to support youth being employed in various businesses within the concentrated service industry
  • During the course of training, accommodation as well as monthly stipend are offered to 60 student beneficiaries annually who are all of underprivileged youth. This is to help relieve the students of family financial burden as they conduct their study.

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