Varied Art Forms by Underprivileged Artisans

To grow impact by improving supply chain via technology and better marketing strategy and execution. Beneficiaries include underprivileged indigenous people and refugees in Malaysia.


Earth Heir

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  • Malaysia


Earth Heir, pre-investment, has been experiencing growth of 20-50% YoY for the past 3 years in terms of revenue – both retail and wholesale. With artisan groups across 6 different states in Malaysia now, the production process is getting more complex but the processes are still manual. Different groups of artisans are working on different materials, processes, and meeting different customisation needs. Earth Heir Team would also need to source for materials for artisans to make products. We hope to find a solution to manage the supply chain in a more effective, precise way. Secondly, while artisans now have capacity of 200 – 1000 pieces of product monthly, we have potential to scale more. However, we still have some artisans earning inconsistently from Earth Heir due to lack of demand. We would like to increase sales by 2 times with digital marketing by end of 2020.


1. Supply Chain – most artisans have access to internet, know how to use Whatsapp and Facebook. We would like to have a solution, e.g.: an app, supported by back-end management to plan production. Features: Ideal stock level, stock level, manufacturing time, amount of raw materials needed, artisans in charge, pricing, delivery method etc. 2. Marketing – marketing partner to work on and execute marketing strategy, monitor data such a as traffic, conversions, SEOs etc. We have identified a partner, would need marketing budget for the project. We can even start with marketing for just refugee products.

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