Supports local craftsmen in Indonesia to produce well-designed souvenirs and gifts which can be profitable through the E-commerce market.


Ecodoe (Ecodoe Widya Candia International Pte Ltd)

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Market of Implementation

  • Indonesia


Local craftsmen are starting to disappear as they couldn‘t earn a good monthly income. They have great crafting skills, however, they lack knowledge in marketing so they only produce crafts that does not match with market demand. Ecodoe did a research in the two regions of Indonesia Yogyakarta and Bali, which is the craft & arts center. All crafts made by the smallbased craftsmen only ended up in consignment stores. They have to produce products for up to 3 months a very long cycle for them to gain income. Store owners find it very hard to sell the product as they have to wait customer to come to the shop. Weve tried to export the product through third party, but then they forced the margin and mark up really high. Its been more than a year since we pivoted to ecommerce and the benefit is even better both for Ecodoe and also for society.


Ecodoe gifts given to distinguished is the win win solution to connect inquiries from various corporation and institutions to the MSMEs & home-based businesses producers as credible vendors. Currently, home-based businesses can earn up to USD 35,000/year after joining us while also gaining awareness on how to manage business operations and basic financial literacy. Many have even started to included their wives in the business (where previously they were not involved). We also take action to recycle the waste into fine design to captive premium B2B market.

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