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Ecozen Solutions

Ecozen is a technology company enabling the Farm-To-Fork value chain for perishables with 3 core offerings – Ecotron, Ecofrost & Eco-Connect, which work across the production, management, and marketing of perishable Agri commodities respectively. We are guided by a strong leadership team of professionals with expertise in Agri value-chain, sales, core engineering & IoT. We won multiple awards and accolades since its inception, such as the CII Innovation in Cold Chain Award 2017, FEDEX Small Business Grant 2018, Ashden Award 2018, and OGCCC Award 2019. Ecozen has a dedicated R&D team that has filed 10 patents to date and working on filing more in the future.



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Social causes


SDGs covered

Market of Implementation

  • Bangladesh
  • India
  • Myanmar
  • Philippines
  • Vietnam


There are 3 main problems that we are trying to resolve in India's agriculture industry:

1) Lack of Irrigation - In India, only 48% of the country’s “net sown area” is irrigated, leading to very low yield. Lack of a steady and uninterrupted grid electricity supply is one of the main reasons behind this low irrigation.

2) Food Loss - 40% of food is wasted between the field and the end customer due to an infrastructural gap in the cold chain. This leads to at least US$26 billion in losses annually.

3) Low Farmer Income - Losses due to lack of cold chain infrastructure and farmer's inability to connect to farther markets lead to low farmer income.


From the 3 main problems identified above, Ecozen has developed our own patented technological innovations to tackle these issues:

1) Ecotron - Solar Water Pump

The Ecotron is a solar-powered water pump system that offers efficient irrigation pumping & control with solar photovoltaic integration, connected through IoT to enable optimum water output, predictive maintenance, reduced downtime and improved water conservation. This reduces the problem of poor irrigation.

2) Ecofrost – Solar Cold Room

The Ecofrost is a Solar Cold Room that offers portable solar powered on-farm cold rooms for pre-cooling & staging of perishables with IoT based cooling solutions to enable better post-harvest management. The advantages of the Ecofrost include:
  • Thermal storage (24 to 30 hours of backup), instead of chemical battery or DG set, to maintain temperature during non-sunshine hours
  • Ease of transport and portability, it can be shifted to different farms based on the harvest cycles of farmers
3) Ecoconnect - Marketplace Platform Ecoconnect is a Cold chain-enabled perishable sourcing platform which focuses on transactions across geographies, thereby bridging demand-supply gaps that persist due to physical distance between production and consumption markets. This provide farmers with the option to sell their produce across multiple geographies, increase their income and hedge against supply glut in the home market. Ecozen believes strongly in Sustainability, and we are developing all our solutions in an environmentally-conscious manner.

Type of Carbon Reduced/Sequestered

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide)

Amount of Carbon Dioxide Equivalent Avoided/Sequestered

590,000 Tons

Means of Measurement

Over a period of 10 years, we have installed over 35,000 solar-powered irrigation systems across India and more than 200 solar powered cold rooms.

This has lead to CO2 abatement of 590,000 Tons

Project’s Environment & Climate Capability

Climate Risk Reduction, Policy and Administrative Management for Climate Change

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