Education for Sustainable Development (ESD)

Establish a school that would provide rural communities in Laos access to information and empower the youths as ‘agents of change’ to alleviate poverty.


Participatory Development Training Center (PADETC)

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Market of Implementation

  • Laos


Over the past 2 decades (1990 – 2009) the per capita income has more than doubled and economic growth reached an average of 6.5%. Unfortunately the fruits of economic growth have been distributed inequitable, leading to increasing levels of inequality. Particularly, people living in remote areas and ethnic minorities have been marginalised. Major challenges remain in the areas of nutrition, education and maternal health.


A key reason that rural communities remain underdeveloped is due to the lack of access to education. Education plays an important role in furthering development through poverty alleviation and livelihood empowerment. Hence, PADETC seeks to establish a school that will adopt a new child-centric teaching-learning approach. The school, named Sompanya is currently in the stage of piloting.

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