Education Program for Deafblind Children

The project will support 500 children with deafblindness and multiple disabilities in 5 northern regions and provide individualized needs-based services for Education and Rehabilitation.


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H T Parekh Foundation

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  • India


The combination of hearing and vision impairment impacting the ability to communicate and accessing information keeps children with deafblindness away from rehabilitation and educational programmes, as the availability of skilled professionals to support them is scarce. Children with deafblindness are marginalised in the form of denial to access basic human rights and essential services and face barriers to accessing medical, educational, livelihood, and rehabilitation services and remain isolated at home. Within the dismal context, the parents of children with deafblindness find very limited rehabilitation and educational services in their respective locations. The 5 northern regions of India to be covered through the project, together have an estimated population of 53,128 persons with deafblindness. In this region, we have only been able to establish a Deafblind Regional Centre (DbRC) in Delhi and reaching out to only 112 children and young adults with deafblindness.


The project will establish the required deafblind service infrastructure in the 5 northern regions of India by training and recruitment of the project staff. The project will work towards identification of 500 children and young adults with deafblindness and their families in the target region. The identified children with deafblindness will be provided with education and allied rehabilitation services for their overall development. The project will work with government inclusive education department for training government teachers on the identification and inclusion of deafblind children in mainstream schools and through this, the project will reach out to additional 3,000 children with deafblindness. Training and capacity building support will be provided to parents to form their own local groups and work towards supporting and bringing sustainability in the established services. Governments officials, disability-based NGOs, special educators of children will be sensitised to support.

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