EduCourse: Learning Platform with Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality

EduCourse is an intelligent, future-ready education platform for STEAM Learning using AI and AR



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  • Indonesia


There is a major shift in the types of skills that jobs in the 21st century require, affecting workers all around the world. This has major implications for Indonesia’s education system.

Currently, the common education system is insufficient and inadequate in responding to the needs of the future, and does not equip the students with 21st century skills. The majority of parents in Indonesia are unaware of the importance of such skills, and instead focus on making their children good test-takers, but not necessarily future-ready workers.

At the same time, the available solutions in Indonesia providing future-skills with STEAM Learning are still rare and relatively expensive. Through our work at EduCourse, we are working to change this dynamic.



At EduCourse, we are equipping Indonesia’s children with future-ready skills. We accelerate the quality learning with STEAM-based approach, and use blended learning platform utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Augmented Reality (AR) for better learning experiences and outcomes. The platform also supports synchronous and asynchronous teaching methods through the web and app.

Since inception in 2020, EduCourse has successfully enrolled more than 14,000 students in 13 months, with popular courses such as Coding for Kids, English STEAM and World Languages.

We believe that through this approach, we are preparing Indonesia’s children for the Future of Work, and enable them to become productive members of society.

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