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Edukasyon: Improving Educational Access for students in Philippines

Edukasyon actively supports and empowers Filippino youth to pursue their dreams through educational access and economic empowerment. They partner with schools, corporations and non-profits to provide the largest online EdTech Platform in the Philippines.



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Market of Implementation

  • Philippines


Access to education is a huge, pressing problem in the ASEAN region.

In the Philippines alone, our of 1.4 million annual high school graduates, 35% never go to college because it is unaffordable. Of the 900,000 who enter college, 33% drop out because they picked a wrong course or could not afford to continue. Of the 600,000 who do graduate, 40% are considered unemployable.

This all amounts to over 1 million high school graduates every year who are left behind and unemployed, contributing to 30% youth unemployment. Despite this, there are 1 million unfilled entry-level vacancies – revealing a massive mismatch in the education to employment pathway.

This education to employment funnel has numerous roadblocks, rooted in:

  1. High tuition costs
  2. Broken discovery process for different educational options (schools, courses, student financing)
  3. Lack of career awareness and guidance for students; and
  4. Severely inconvenient and scattered application processes of schools.

This results in a large, fragmented and broken education sector in the country. At Edukasyon, we are delivering systemic change to the Education Ecosystem.


At Edukasyon, our solutions address these root problems by connecting students to schools through our online platform. Students are able to:

  1. Search through a comprehensive database of 10,000+ schools, 20,000+ courses, and 4,000+ scholarships,
  2. Learn about their target careers and relevant courses and
  3. Apply online to their chosen schools.

We work closely with school clients to provide students with relevant college and course information. They are charged $240-$480 for a subscription to our platform, allowing them to:

  1. Reach more students, which includes receiving their inquiries and applications;
  2. Target students better through our data analytics insights; and
  3. Reduce marketing costs by switching to digital marketing.

With the goal of increasing employability, Edukasyon works with corporations in creating industry-relevant, accurate and insightful career advice content. As such, we are engaging with partners all across the sector to develop our learning modules, educational campaigns and customised edtech products for our growing Gen Z community.

In 2022, we are also expanding our services to online tutor services for K-12. We will provide quality, affordable edtech products for K-12 learners in the growing Filipino middle class.

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