We bring innovative, scientifically designed compression wear for exercise and sports, promote holistic physical and mental fitness and encourage communities to embrace a healthy lifestyle.



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The beautiful island nation of Samoa is grappling with many social and health issues. It has a high rate of bullying and domestic violence, which can lead to serious physical and mental problems. Mental illness is a prevalent, yet controversial problem. Attitudes towards mental illness are rooted in superstition, because of the social stigma attached to it. Imported food, technology, and sedentary lifestyles have caused an epidemic of obesity and related diseases. Physically active people need good quality gear and equipment which is hard to come by in Samoa. Samoan culture is rooted in the concept of “aiga” – family and community – so I want to help fellow Samoans adopt a healthy lifestyle and share my personal experience of overcoming depression through exercise. I am passionate about girls taking part and excelling in sports. EI8HT wants to change mindsets and attitudes of the community towards mental illness and promote a holistic healthy lifestyle.


EI8HT goes beyond making sportswear, it encourages people to be strong, independent and resilient. Scientifically designed compression sportswear decreases recovery time and muscle soreness. By providing good quality equipment and resources. EI8HT SPORTS works to raise awareness about mental illness especially among ethnic minorities and educate about the proven scientific benefits of exercise to fight depression.  We aim to remove stigma around mental illness and people living with disabilities. We promote female participation in sports, therefore advocate for gender equality. Through workshops and campaigns, we work to inspire Pacific people to adopt exercise as a part of their daily lifestyle. Exercise has scientific benefits for positive mental health outcomes and furthermore, also looks at minimizing communicable and non-communicable diseases by living a balanced lifestlyle.

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