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Elderly Simulation Programs

Eldpathy offers Elderly Simulation Programs to transform people’s prejudice into empathy by hiring and empowering the elderly to carry out the workshop to educate youths in Hong Kong.


Eldpathy HK

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Social causes


Endorsed by

HKCSS Impact Giving

HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre aims to advance social entrepreneurship and mobilize social innovation.

Market of Implementation

  • Hong Kong SAR China


Hong Kong Community rise above the challenges of aging population but the community is not age inclusive enough to face this trend.


Eldpathy disseminate the idea of empathy for the elderly and encourage participation in elderly philanthropy through the Elderly Simulation Program. It is proved by researches that the combination of Virtual World and traditional education methods can enhance the interest and learning effectiveness of participants.

We have already recruited 10 elderly people who either lived at the elderly home or served as a caregiver before. They are the ‘’think-tank’’ who provide insights and ideas for the program design. They will take part in the role of story-writers, directors and photographers. We also formed partnership with our honorary adviser, an I.T. expert who will help resolve all the technical issues.

It is hoped that this program can build public awareness to advocate for a better living environment in nursery homes in Hong Kong.

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