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Supplying high-quality, cost-effective data labelling services to companies globally, encouraging competition leading to better quality products. Providing data labelling jobs and training for women, mainly from the vulnerable sector.


Connected Women

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Women in the Philippines have low levels of financial independence and employment opportunity. 7 million Filipinas are not working due to Covid-19, household responsibilities, and opportunity, many are in poverty. In 2018 only 38.3% of the labor force were female. The global AI market is growing exponentially and demands high quality, low cost, high volume data labelling. Crowdsourced labelling delivers poor quality and low value. IDC Research “Worldwide spending on Artificial Intelligence is expected to rise from $38bn this year to $98bn by 2023”. The Philippines is well placed to respond, having the highest literacy rate in SE Asia at 98% (UN, 2016), widespread digital literacy, and English the main language. Bringing Filipinas into the workforce will increase family incomes, empower women, and boost local and national economic development. It will also give global AI companies access to a cost-effective workforce leading to greater competition and better-quality products.


We are improving employability for women by harnessing technology to upskill and prepare them for work, particularly from vulnerable, under-skilled and disadvantaged groups. We provide online data labelling training plus training for remote working, professional communication, and computer skills. Our training programs have been sponsored by UN-Women, Sanofi, Smart and Basilan LGU. Negotiations are ongoing with Insular Life, Malampaya and the Department of Information and Communications Technology. We aim to address the livelihood and poverty alleviation challenge by providing decently paid jobs for our trained women through B2B contracts with AI companies globally. Livelihood and poverty alleviation will also be helped by the trickle-down effect of new income being spent in local economies. We are in final negotiations with a number of companies attracted by our talented cost-effective workforce. to cost-effective data annotation services. We are supporting gender objectives enabling women to work flexibly from home reducing barriers such as household responsibilities, opportunity, and skills. We are also supporting gender by strengthening the Connected Women Community, currently 75,000+ and growing. The Community has Chapters throughout the Philippines as well as in Singapore, Pakistan and Canada and, among other things, is a source of data labelling trainees.

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