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Empowering People with a Disability

Provides mobility aids to some of the most vulnerable people with disabilities living in outlying areas of Bali and East Indonesia, who can’t afford nor access quality prosthetics or orthotics.



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Annika Linden Centre

Inspiration Foundation is a private Indonesian based grant-making foundation dedicated to funding and supporting exceptional projects in health and education.

Market of Implementation

  • Indonesia


One billion people globally have a disability, including an increasing number of people living in some of the poorest areas of Bali and East Indonesia. They urgently need a properly fitted wheelchair or mobility aid, or risk being permanently cut-off from critical support services.

In Bali, a person with a disability is seen as cursed due to cultural beliefs and it prevents them from accessing rehabilitation or health care. We are the only NGO traveling to these impoverished communities to provide quality mobility aids and rehabilitation to people with disabilities who desperately need them. Mobility aids restore independence and dignity in their lives.

Globally, people with disabilities experience a higher rate of poverty than those without. We provide prosthetics, orthotics or wheelchairs to people with disabilities so it also gives them a visible presence, enabling them to participate in the workforce or classroom or in the arts, sport, politics or activism.


Appropriately fitted mobility aids open up a world of opportunities for a person with a disability. They’re a catalyst for them to make meaningful changes in their own lives, from starting a new business, taking on a new job or enrolling in school or a training program.

PUSPADI Bali recognizes that combining a quality mobility aid with rehabilitation and skills training gives a person with a disability the best chance at succeeding in life.

We adhere to the WHO guidelines of service of delivery of mobility aids and believe everyone has the right to a properly fitted prosthetic, orthotic or wheelchair, regardless of their location, gender, race or age.

Disability can affect anyone at any time and for people in poor areas of Bali and East Indonesia it is especially tough, as they often have no support. We lead the way in our rehabilitation, education and training, and advocacy programs to empower people with disabilities.

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