Empowering Rural Women and Planting Climate-Resistant Trees

Empower women farmers and planting climate resistant coffee and shade trees. We allocate a percentage of our sales into a dedicated Women’s Empowerment Innovation Fund to fund our sustainable program.


Java Mountain Coffee

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PT Investree Radhika Jaya

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  • Indonesia


The six challenges we are committed to tackle: 1. Inequality of Indigenous Rural Women — Indigenous women coffee farmers in Indonesia do over 60% of the manual work to produce coffee yet earn an estimated 10% of the household income and own less than 1% of the land. 2. Climate Change — The effects of climate change is contributing to lower farm yields, equating to unstained livelihoods. There are no climate resistant varieties of coffee trees in our targeted areas yet. 3. Little to No Access to Finance — According to The World Bank, women-owned, women-lead SMEs, or women empowerment initiatives in developing can’t get the capital they need. 4. Market Access — Global corporate spend from women-owned, women-lead SMEs is less than 1%. 5. Saying No to Plastic and Aluminium — Majority of coffee capsules available in Indonesia, Asia and globally are made of plastic and aluminium. 6. No Technology Available in Indonesia — No biodegradable capsule technology available in Indonesia.


There were once six trillion trees on the planet, now there are only three trillion and we’re still losing ten billion trees per year according to a recent report by the UNEP. That leads to a changing climate, a shrinking habitat for wildlife, and harder lives for billions of people. The people in the front line of this catastrophe are indigenous communities that rely on healthy farms and forests for their livelihoods. Our aim is to contribute to restoring nature and the biodiversity that depend on and to securing a prosperous future. We believe indigenous women are suited to be the best gatekeepers to protect and preserve our environment. We introduce climate resistant varieties of coffee trees and shade trees seedlings that are suitable for the changing climate and adaptable to extreme weather conditions to ensure consistent production of yield, which translates to a more sustainable source of incomes for the indigenous women farmers. Our full circular solution allows us to say NO to plastic and aluminium. Java Mountain Coffee uses EU certified oxygen barrier coffee capsule which has zero impact to the planet as it breaks down into compost within 90-120 days after use.

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