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Enabling Leadership – Play

Instilling life skills and leadership skills in 1000 early adolescent girls and boys from low-income backgrounds in rural Cambodia through the powerful medium of football.


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What can we do about the millions of children from low-income backgrounds in Asia who are unable to access quality education and thereby, not equipped with critical life skills and leadership skills to succeed personally, professionally and socially in a fast changing world?

Despite having made tremendous progress in education, Cambodia still has high inequalities across gender, location and socio-economic groups with respect to secondary education. The total secondary school enrollment rate is only 27%. Poor infrastructure, lack of qualified teachers, outdated teaching content and methods, etc. continue to plague the education system.

The country has a large youth population (32%, 10-24 years) and 36% of young Cambodians live below the poverty line. Without filling the gap in holistic learning, close to 1.65 million children in Cambodia will not be equipped with the skills to thrive in an unknown future.


To overcome the hurdles that prevent millions of children to become productive adults, they need to (a) develop a strong sense of awareness of their strengths & weaknesses, take care of their mental & physical wellbeing and objectively evaluate options for their future, (b) develop self-confidence, resilience and grit to voice their opinions and exercise choices for their future, and (c) develop skills such as communication and collaboration, critical & creative problem solving, which allow them, despite the biases, to flourish in any kind of workplace they choose.

Our Play Program uses the medium of football to work with 9-14 year olds from low-income backgrounds to inculcate these critical skills.

Coaches are hired from the community, trained in our 6-year experiential curriculum and teaching methodology, and deployed in government schools to work with students from Grade 4-9. Each year consists of 48 sessions, asynchronous assignments, community projects and a football league.

For more information on our solution, do refer to our Slide Deck.

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