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ENRES offers buildings and factories a continuous health check for both energy and quality, allowing facility to monitor their inefficiency and able to get recommendation for solving the inefficiency.


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Buildings and factories are doing health check once a year or even less. This hide their high energy consumption and quality issue as there is no visibility to the owner or facility teams. This is the major cause for buildings and factories to waste unused energy or quality issue that would lead to machinery breakdown or outage for the business. Hence, high wasted energy will cause carbon emission for those energy that couldn't be used correctly.


How ENRES saves energyENRES provide a continuous health check platform powered by IoT and AI technologies. This will show their energy consumption and quality in realtime and raise red flags to facility team or owner to be able react in as soon as possible. Moreover, we are able to track the health check 24/7 to be able to know whether the solutions or the fix already been take place. This help owners cut down energy consumption by 12-30%.

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